Community Scouts project has launched!


The Community Scouts project has launched! Community Scouts is an innovative project led by AFEdemy, aimed at empowering citizens to provide essential support to older adults in their communities. The project, an Erasmus+ initiative, is set to launch a comprehensive training and toolkit designed to empower citizens in supporting older adults within their communities.

In the project AFEdemy is collaborating with ISIS, Institut für Soziale Infrastruktur gemeinnützige GmbH, and VerbindenBV to address the growing need for community engagement and support for community-residing older adults. The to be developed materials will be, accessible online, and will equip citizens with the skills needed to support older adults in their communities. Through this effort the project will improve the availability of high-quality learning opportunities in adult education, fostering continuous growth and development for individuals involved in community support

The Community Scouts project focusses on the following target groups:

  • Citizens (18 years and older) interested in becoming Community Scouts.
  • Stakeholders in the adult education field in need of training tools.
  • Older individuals in need of (informal) support.
  • Providers of support services for older people.

To achieve our project objectives, we will conduct activities such as a focus group, desk study, and the development of a beta version of the training toolkit. Additionally, we plan to gather feedback through a workshop to test the effectiveness of the training and toolkit.

The Community Scouts project anticipates several positive outcomes, including increased learning opportunities, enhanced intergenerational contact, and improved community development and informal support for older adults. The consortium plans to employ a combination of quantitative and qualitative indicators to measure the impact of the project, including feedback from target groups, progress reports, and assessments of the training and toolkit’s effectiveness. 

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